Transparentsea Voyage

The Transparentsea Voyage highlights the efforts of a group of athletes, musicians, celebrities and artists on a
campaign aimed at focusing attention on coastal environmental issues. Witness the trip unfold through the creation
of song as this "behind the music" look at focused activism offers an insight into how a deeper connection to our
planet changed and educated the participants involved as well as those that followed the journey from around
the world. Experience the voyage from start to finish as the crew traced the southern migration of the
California Grey & Blue Whale from Santa Barbara to the US Border in six tandem kayaks. 


Minds in the water

Minds in the Water is a feature-length documentary following the quest of professional surfer Dave Rastovich and his friends to protect dolphins, whales and the oceans they all share. Through Dave's journey—a five-year adventure spanning the globe from Australia to the Galapagos, Tonga, California, Alaska and Japan—we see one surfer's quest to activate his community to help protect the ocean and it's inhabitants from the threats of commercial slaughter and pollution.


The cove

In Taiji, Japan, local fishermen hide a gruesome secret: the capture and slaughter of dolphins. Activist Ric O'Barry, who trained dolphins for the "Flipper" TV series, joins forces with filmmaker Louis Psihoyos and the Ocean Preservation Society to expose the brutal practice, risking life and limb in the process.